Thamizh Maruththuvak Kazhagam


Thamizh Maruththuvak Kazhagam

Dr Velayudam established Thamizh Maruthuvak Kazhagam, a trust that aims to propagate Siddha Medicine and nurture its values. The main goal of the trust is to sustain the traditional medicine system and keep up the ancient wisdom to the benefit of generations to come.

The objects of the Thamizh Maruthuvak Kazhagam are outlined as under;

(1)    Siddha Medicine Classes

To conduct Siddha Medicine Classes with the help of Siddha Doctors and Siddha Medicine Teachers, in such a manner as to instill and nourish the general and technical knowledge as to Siddha Medicine in the students of Siddha Medicine.

(2)    Siddha Medicine Meetings

To organize meetings of Siddha Doctors, Siddha Medicine Teachers and Siddha Medicine Students, in such a manner that idea-exchanges take place amidst them, for them all to benefit and delight.

(3)    Awakening Camps in respect of Siddha Medicine

To conduct roadside public meetings and other camps aimed at awakening the masses thereby creating a general awareness on the Siddha medicine.

(4)    Siddha Medicinal Herb Exhibitions

To conduct Herb Exhibitions and other camps in a manner as to create;

(a)    Basic good food habits, and

(b)   Habits as to timely conduct and culture among the masses

(5)    Global Announcement as to the Glory of Siddha Medicine

To announce and sing the glory of the Tamil Siddha Medicine so that the entire world gets to know about our ancient medicinal wisdom and benefit thereof.

(6)    Integration of Siddha and Modern Medicines

Keeping in mind all the measures of Siddha Medicine, without swaying from the basic medical principles, through instrumental experiments and medicinal research by

(a)    Paving the way for the integration of Siddha and Modern Medicinal Methods, and

(b)   Obtaining worldwide recognition for the Siddha Medicine through such integrations.

(7)    Siddha Medical University

Keeping in mind all the measures of Siddha Medicine, to do the needful for the establishment of a Siddha Medical University comprised of research laboratories and pharmaceutical laboratories.

(8)    Siddha Medicinal Herb Forests and Treasures

(a)    To identity

  •  The forests in which the Siddha Medicinal Herbs grow, and
  •  The Siddha Medicine-related traditional manuscript leaves and other treasures at the threshold of destruction by

(b)   Obtaining the rights relating to their ownership and/or possession, and

(c)    Doing the needful for their protection

(9)    Research projects granting concessions to Charitable Trusts

(a)    To engage with zeal in efforts needed to participate in research projects setup and established by,

  •    Government Organizations, and
  •    Private Organizations with concessions for non-Government-adjoined Charitable Trust, and

(b)   To render service for uplifting the Siddha Medicinal System by accepting and taking on such research projects.

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“Tamizh Maruthuva Kazhagam“
Account Num – 10181258801
State Bank of India
IFSC Code – SBIN0002196

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Siddha system is a holistic medical system preaching a codified lifestyle with care to health as an essential primary element. The medical system was perfected many thousands years ago in the Tamil-speaking peninsular India, referred to as Tamizhagam or Tamilakam. This medicinal system is also popularly referred to as Tamil Maruthuvam, Chinthamani Maruthuvam or Arivan Maruthuvam. Since the days of Thirumoolar, this system is popularly called as the Siddha Medicine or simply Siddha system.


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