When the muscles of the heart pump in a synchronized fashion, a pressure is produced which forces the blood from the heart to the other parts or organs of the body? This pressure can be felt on the walls of the blood vessels and is referred to as Blood Pressure. When the heart muscles contract, pressure increases. This is called Systolic pressure. Similarly, when the heart muscles relax, pressure decreases. This pressure is termed as Diastolic pressure.

High Blood Pressure

When the Systolic pressure is 140 mmHg and when the diastolic pressure is 90 mmHg, it is termed as normal blood pressure. When the systolic and diastolic pressures are above 160 mmHg and 95 mmHg respectively, the resultant condition is termed as High Blood Pressure. The WHO is the world body that determines blood pressure after considering various data points available on the health of the world population.

High Blood Pressure happens when an individual age or when the blood vessels lose the capacity to be flexible as a result of hardening. The hardening of a blood vessel happens when there is cholesterol deposition on the wall of the arteries.

Lifestyle Conditions that can cause High Blood Pressure

Food – A balanced diet is of the utmost need for our body. Beef and Pork have a high amount of fat and hence have a general tendency to cause hardening of blood vessels. Hence to avoid this, it is better to consume more fiber-rich veggies and fruits.

Exercises – You need to select exercises that are suitable for your body. A moderate exercise regimen should be better for many of us. High-intensity workout can increase the heartbeat and hence it is not suitable for middle-aged and seniors.

Stress – The main culprit that causes blood pressure is stress. Taking up some activities as hobbies can make you feel light and relaxed, and can help you reduce stress. When stress is reduced, so is the high blood pressure.

Smoking – The nicotine present in tobacco can harden the blood vessels and can cause blocks. This causes an increase in blood pressure. Hence it is always better to avoid tobacco in all forms.

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