Nellikkaai or Gooseberry has high vitamin C content. It also has other minerals and amino acids. The tissue of the fruit has concentrated protein three times and ascorbic acid a hundred and sixty times compared to that of an apple. it has higher contents of mineral and amino acids than apples.

Glutamic acid, aspartic acid, proline, lysine, and alanine are the amino acids that are present in gooseberries. The pulp of the fruit when dried and removed from the nuts contains Gallic acid, tannin, sugar, gum, albumin, crude cellulose, mineral matter. The fruit has chromium, zinc, and copper. It is used to treat peptic ulcer and dyspepsia in a more effective manner. The fruit has antimutagenic which can fight off a certain strain of salmonella.

The methods of preparing Gooseberry tonic or Nellikkaai tonic is given below.


Kaatu Nelli or Gooseberry – 250 gm
Panai Vellam (Palmyrah Palm Jaggery) -250 gm
Chukka Powder – 5 pinch
Cardamom Powder- 2 pinch

Method of Preparation

Take a clean dried glass bottle, make one row of gooseberries inside the bottle and place the palmyrah palm jaggery above gooseberries. Maintain the height to about one inch. Repeat the same procedure till the neck of the bottle ending with a layer of palmyrah palm jaggery. Then add chukka and cardamom powder. Close the bottle with a lid and place it in a dark room. Leave it undisturbed for 30 days. Then filter it with a clean white cloth or muslin and store the gooseberry tonic collected.

Medicinal Property of Gooseberry Tonic

Gooseberry tonic is rich in vitamin C and Iron. It helps fight anemia and persistent cough.

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