Velayudham Pesugiran

In this book, Dr Velayudam answers questions about Siddha Medicine System in simple language. The conversation format of the book content makes the book readable to common men.

Tamizh Seviyal Kalamum Siddhamaruthuvamum

This book by Dr Velayudam researches and mentions the presence of Siddha Medicine in the ancient Tamil Sangam literature. It delves deeper into the rich Sangam literature to bring out the mention of Tamil medicines in every literary piece.

Thamizh Maruththuvak Kaiyedu

A book that explains the myriad Tamil medical procedures in a simple style.

Tamizhar Aandru Sonnavai Aartham Ullavai

This book published by Thamizh Maruththuvak Kazhagam, extols the fact that every word and deed exercised by the ancient Tamils were full of meaning and were intricately associated with their life.

Thamizh Maruththuvam

Dr Velayudam has made a great effort to take Siddha Medicine to every household in this book. His efforts in this book showcase his efforts to make the Tamil medicine a popular medical system.

A Hand book for Siddha Practitioners

A wonderful book that can act as a perfect guide to Siddha professionals.

Siddha Treatment Guidelines for Select Diseases

The only Siddha book recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Naaveena Siddha Muruthuvam

This book is a masterpiece where Dr Velayudam has gone to great lengths in organizing and presenting a few Siddha practices that can be adopted and adapted to our current lifestyle.

Experienced Siddha Practitioner




of experience in the field of Siddha Medicine. A well-reputed Siddha Practitioner with expertise on diseases and cure.



written in leading Tamil magazines and dailies. Appears in various Tamil television channels giving tips on managing certain diseases.



and counting. With wide-ranging experience in Siddha medicine practice and knowledge to dig through the ancient Siddha literature, Dr Velayudam provides wellness.

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Siddha system is a holistic medical system preaching a codified lifestyle with care to health as an essential primary element. The medical system was perfected many thousands years ago in the Tamil-speaking peninsular India, referred to as Tamizhagam or Tamilakam. This medicinal system is also popularly referred to as Tamil Maruthuvam, Chinthamani Maruthuvam or Arivan Maruthuvam. Since the days of Thirumoolar, this system is popularly called as the Siddha Medicine or simply Siddha system.


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